Easier General Knowledge 94

Published: Wednesday 4th March 2020A free general knowledge quiz for those who don't like their quizzes too difficult.
  1. In boxing what does the abbreviation TKO stand for?
  2. Which farmyard animal has breeds such as Tamworth and Gloucester Old Spot?
  3. Who followed Neil Kinnock as leader of the Labour party?
  4. Who played the title role in the 2004 biopic "Ray"?
  5. In which US State is the holiday resort of Orlando?
  6. Which chemical element has the symbol "P"?
  7. In which London venue are the BBC Proms held?
  8. What is the first name of the TV cook whose surname is Oliver?
  9. Which are the only teams to have won the FA Cup on more than ten occasions?
  10. In the Indiana Jones movies, of what animals is Indiana scared ?
  11. What was the currency in Spain prior to the adoption of the Euro?
  12. "I Wandered lonely as a cloud" is the opening line of which poem?
  13. Johnny Rotten was a member of which punk band?
  14. Where in the human body would you find the Intercostal Muscles?
  15. What is the name of the prison featured in the TV series "Porridge"?
  16. In which month of the year is St Davids Day celebrated?
  17. In computing, what does the acronym ROM stand for?
  18. Which UK supermarket chains sell the following clothing brands [a] George, [b] F&F, [c] Nutmeg and [d] Tu?
  19. Who, in 1970, became the first European winner of the US Open golf championship?
  20. On which river does the city of Stoke stand?
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