Easier General Knowledge 96 - Answers

Published: Friday 27th March 2020A free quiz for those who like a less taxing quiz.
  1. Which is the largest island in Europe? Great Britain.
  2. What is the anatomical name for the armpit? Axilla.
  3. Who in 1924 became the first director of the FBI? J Edgar Hoover.
  4. What number does the Roman numeral L represent? Fifty.
  5. Which London based football team has the nickname "The Bees"? Brentford FC.
  6. According to the story by J M Barrie where does Peter Pan live? Never-Never Land.
  7. Which British politician was known as "Supermac"? Harold MacMillan.
  8. What is the scientific name for "Marsh Gas"? Methane.
  9. Who presents the BBC quiz show "Only Connect"? Victoria Coren Mitchell
  10. Mary Ann Evans was the real name of which English novelist? George Eliot.
  11. Which is the longest river in France? Loire.
  12. Which fictional school did Billy Bunter attend? Greyfriars.
  13. In which soap opera could you find a cafe called "Roy's Rolls"? Coronation Street.
  14. Which gas takes its name from the Greek word meaning "New"? Neon.
  15. In which sport would you wear an Obi? Judo.
  16. According to the title of works by John Milton, what was "Lost" and later "Regained"? Paradise.
  17. Who did David Essex play in the stage musical "Evita"? Che Guevara.
  18. Which medical condition are ACE Inhibitors commonly used to treat? Hypertension (High Blood Pressure).
  19. Which Archbishop became the first President of Cyprus in 1960? Archbishop Makarios.
  20. Which English county is often referred to as "Salop"? Shropshire.

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