Easier General Knowledge 117

Published: Wednesday 27th January 2021A free general knowledge quiz for those who don't like their quizzes too difficult.
  1. Where in London would you find Speaker's Corner?
  2. What was the only ABBA single to hit number 1 in both the UK and the USA?
  3. Which film is set at the Rydell High School?
  4. What completes this saying meaning in a short time, "In the twinkling of an ....."?
  5. Which imperial measurement is equivalent to 25.4 millimetres?
  6. Who wrote the Mr Men and Little Miss series of children's books?
  7. What type of food is Pumpernickel?
  8. In which year did Elizabeth II become Queen?
  9. In which sport did Charlotte Edwards captain the England national team?
  10. How would you write the number 55 in Roman numerals?
  11. Which English city has a medieval street known as The Shambles?
  12. Which chart topping group was made up of brothers Barry, Robin and Maurice Gibb?
  13. The Jaguars are an NFL team based in which city?
  14. What word can be both a metallic element and the name of a London theatre?
  15. In which East Anglian city is Steve Coogan's character Alan Partridge based?
  16. What is the name of the headteacher in the Roald Dahl book "Matilda"?
  17. In which Italian city would you find the Doge's Palace?
  18. In which French city was Joan of Arc burnt at the stake?
  19. Which town in Staffordshire shares it's name with a vegetable?
  20. What creatures live in a Formicary?
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