Quiz Number 103

Published: Friday 22nd April 2016
  1. Who in 2000 became the first left-handed World Snooker champion?
  2. During the Falklands conflict which British submarine sank the Argentinian battleship "General Belgrano"?
  3. Featured together on the back of a Bank of England £50 note, who was the business partner of Matthew Boulton?
  4. Which British King was married to Mary of Teck?
  5. What songs with "Four" in the title were UK top twenty hits for the following artists [a] Gene Pitney (1963), [b] Faron Young (1972), [c] Kim Wilde (1988), [d] Mark Owen (2003) and [e] Bob Dylan (1965)?
  6. Who became President of the European Commission in November 2014?
  7. What is the main alcoholic ingredient in a Tom Collins cocktail?
  8. In the 2009 animated TV film of "The Gruffalo" who provided the voice of the Gruffalo?
  9. What are the FOUR types of human teeth?
  10. Which European country will host the Ryder Cup in 2018?
  11. The rock band Genesis was originally formed by pupils from which public school?
  12. Who wrote the novel on which the 1960 Hitchcock movie "Psycho" was based?
  13. On a British Ordnance Survey map what do the letters "FB" indicate?
  14. In Greek mythology who was the mother of Apollo?
  15. In the BBC sit-com "Steptoe and Son" what was Albert Steptoe's middle names?
  16. Who were the FIVE actors who became known as "The Rat Pack" in the 1960s?
  17. The last novel written by Thomas Hardy told the tale of a stonemason's dreams of becoming a scholar, what was it's title?
  18. What is the largest city on the Atlantic islands of the Azores?
  19. Which fictional character was known as "The Demon Barber of Fleet Street"?
  20. Which FIVE US States share a border with Nevada?
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