Quiz Number 107

Published: Thursday 7th July 2016
  1. Who was the first Hollywood actress to appear on a postage stamp?
  2. Who was the last of the Tudor monarchs to rule England?
  3. Who in 1949 became the first Prime Minister of Israel?
  4. What was the name of the character played by actor Robert Linsay in the BBC sit-com "My Family"?
  5. What songs with "Nine" in the title were UK top twenty hits for the following artists, [a] Cliff Richard and the Shadows (1960), [b] Panic at the Disco (2008), [c] Katie Melua (2005), [d] Stereophonics (2001) and [e] The Temptations (1969)?
  6. In which organ of the human body would you find the detrusor muscle?
  7. In which US State did the first detonation of a nuclear device take place in July 1945?
  8. Which animals complete the names of these famous pop acts, [a] Atomic ..., [b] Noah and the ..., [c] Fleet ..., [d] Flock of ... and [e] The Mock ...?
  9. Winner of the 2008 Costa Book of the Year, who was the author of "The Secret Scripture"?
  10. One of the first people to have their own television series on British TV, what was the name of the comic character created by actor Richard Hearne?
  11. Which are the only two sports grounds that have hosted both a cricket test match and the FA Cup Final?
  12. With a municipal population of 1.5 million (2010), which of the US State capitals has the largest population?
  13. Who is the only driver to have held both the Formula 1 World Championship and the Indy World Series at the same time?
  14. With which countries do you associate the following food dishes, [a] Apple Strudel, [b] Nasi Goreng, [c] Sauerkraut, [d] Goulash and [e] Poutine?
  15. Which group recorded the album "In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida", the best selling album of 1969 in the USA?
  16. In Shakespeare's play, what were the names of "The Two Gentlemen of Verona"?
  17. Which was the first city in the Southern Hemisphere to host the Summer Olympic Games?
  18. Which West Indian batsman became in 2012 the first player to hit a six off the first ball of a test match?
  19. In which fields are the following awards given, [a] Sterling Prize, [b] Clio Award, [c] Brit Awards and [d] James Craig Watson Medal?
  20. In "The Beano" comic, which school was attended by Danny, Plug and Smiffy?
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