Quiz Number 108

Published: Sunday 24th July 2016
  1. In which former Soviet republic was singer Katie Melua born?
  2. Which European city was the main setting for Shakespeare's "Measure for Measure"?
  3. Who is the only player to have won all four tennis grand prix mens singles in one season twice?
  4. In which year was the website google.com first registered?
  5. What songs with "Eyes" in the title were UK top five hits for the following artists,[a] Go West (1985), [b] The Platters (1959), [c] Just Jack (2007), [d] David Soul (1977) and [e] Dusty Springfield (1968)?
  6. What was the name of the music hall and movie character created by actor Arthur Lucan?
  7. How many gallons of beer are contained in a traditional beer barrel?
  8. In which city was the the term Ghetto originally used?
  9. Who was the German chancellor at the time of the Unification of Germany in 1990?
  10. In which fields are the following awarded, [a] Fields Medal, [b] Carl Alan Awards, [c] Livingstone Medal and [d] Hugo Award?
  11. Known as "The King of Swing", what instrument was played by band leader Benny Goodman?
  12. On which horses did jockey Leighton Aspell win both the 2014 and 2015 Grand Nationals?
  13. For which movie did Julianne Moore receive the Best Actress Oscar in February 2015?
  14. Now part of an UNESCO World Heritage site, which English King was responsible for the building of Caernarfon and Conwy castles in North Wales?
  15. What are the names of the four time zones used in the continental United States?
  16. With over 44,000 outlets in 111 different countries, which fast food chain is the largest restaurant operator in the world?
  17. With zero representing a completely clear sky and eight the sky completely cloudy, what unit is used to describe cloud cover in metrology?
  18. The locks at Miraflores and Gatun lake are on which canal?
  19. Which five British monarchs were Emperor or Empress of India?
  20. Selling over a million copies on it's first day of release, which album by the Backstreet Boys was the highest selling in the USA in 1999?
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