Quiz Number 109

Published: Thursday 11th August 2016
  1. Which London underground station on the Piccadilly Line was known as Gillespie Road before being renamed in 1932?
  2. In the Charles Dickens' novel "Martin Chuzzlewit", what was the name of the inn run by Mrs Lupin?
  3. In which country was Mother Theresa born?
  4. Between which years did the England and Wales Milk Marketing Board operate?
  5. What songs with "Face" in the title were UK top twenty hits for the following artists,[a] Glitter Band (1974), [b] Celine Dion (2000), [c] Gnarls Barkely (2006), [d] Joe Dolce Music Theatre and [e] Sham 69 (1978)?
  6. In which North American city do the "Pirates" play baseball and the "Penguins", ice hockey?
  7. What colour completes the name of the following pop acts, [a] Plain.....T's, [b] ..... Fairies, [c] ..... Cheer, [d] ..... Rebel Motorcycle Club and [e] ..... Dream?
  8. Who provided the voice of Jessica Rabbit in the movie "Who Framed Roger Rabbit"?
  9. In a list of the sixteen states of Germany which would come first alphabetically?
  10. What were the occupations of the six mechanicals in Shakespeare's "A Midsummer Night's Dream"?
  11. What abbreviation in Germany is the equivalent of the British "Ltd."?
  12. What is the name of the river that flows through the Spanish capital, Madrid?
  13. In 1949 which musical became the first to win the Tony for "Best Musical"?
  14. In which country would you find "Alexander the Great Airport"?
  15. Which four James Bond movies featured Pierce Brosnan in the main role?
  16. In which year did the United Kingdom have three Kings?
  17. Which piece of gardening equipment was invented by James Ransome in 1902?
  18. What is the name of the Griffin family's talking dog in the TV series "Family Guy"?
  19. Who were the four original members of The Monkees?
  20. Which two clubs were featured on the first ever "Match of the Day" shown on BBC2 in 1964?
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