Quiz Number 111

Published: Monday 26th September 2016
  1. Which English county contains the largest area of woodland?
  2. What were the forenames of author H G Wells?
  3. Which Scottish clan was massacred at Glencoe in 1692?
  4. If a leaf was described as Obcordate, what shape would it be?
  5. What songs with "Eyes" in the title were UK top five hits for the following artists,[a] Gene Pitney (1965), [b] Dr. Hook (1980), [c] The Streets (2004), [d] Crystal Gayle (1977) and [e] Wet,Wet,Wet (1987)?
  6. What age do you need to be to travel on a Saga holiday?
  7. Released in 1956, what was the title of Elvis Presley's first feature movie?
  8. Of which Commonwealth country are/were these people the Prime Minister, [a] Kevin Rudd, [b] Joseph Muscat, [c] Bruce Golding, [d] Helen Clark and [e] Brian Mulroney?
  9. Which is the shortest of Shakespeare's plays by number of words it contains?
  10. On which of the Hawaiian Islands is Pearl Harbour situated?
  11. For which two movies has Michael Caine been awarded the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor?
  12. Which nut is generally used to make a Waldorf Salad?
  13. Which animals are considered the "Big Five" of game hunting?
  14. In geographical terms, what is a Graham?
  15. If your doctor said you were suffering from Cholecystitis, what organ of the body would be affected?
  16. Which EIGHT first class cricket counties do not contain the word "Shire" in their name?
  17. According to Norse legend, which animals pull the Goddess Freya's chariot?
  18. Which is the largest landlocked country in the World by area?
  19. Featured in movies, TV series and hit records what are the names of the chipmunks in Alvin and the Chipmunks?
  20. What common farm animal was the Pagan symbol for wealth?
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