Quiz Number 114

Published: Wednesday 11th January 2017
  1. Perkin Warbeck was a pretender to the English throne during which King's reign?
  2. Which track from their "Rattle and Hum" album provided U2 with their first British number one single?
  3. Which two airlines were combined in 1974 to form British Airways?
  4. Prior to 2017, who were the last club, apart from Rangers or Celtic to win the top flight Scottish football league?
  5. What songs with "Eyes" in the title were UK top five hits for the following artists, [a] Bobby Vee(1963), [b] Boystown Gang (1982), [c] Jamelia (2004), [d] Perry Como (1953) and [e] Art Garfunkel (1975)?
  6. Which vegetable is used in the layers of a traditional Greek Moussaka?
  7. Which city hosted the British Commonwealth Games in 1970?
  8. By what name was French model maker Marie Grosholtz better known?
  9. By area, what are the five largest islands in the Mediterranean?
  10. Who played the title role in the West End premiere of the musical "Evita"?
  11. Originally published in 2015, which singer's autobiography is titled "Over the Top and Back"?
  12. In which English county was Troika pottery produced?
  13. What code names were given to these following WW2 operations, [a] German invasion of Russia, [b] Allied invasion of Sicily, [c] Evacuation of Dunkirk, [d] Allied landings in Normandy and [e] German invasion of Great Britain?
  14. Who played the painter Vermeer in the 2003 movie "Girl With a Pearl Earring"?
  15. To which note are both the top and bottom strings on a standard tuned six-stringed guitar tuned?
  16. Which English city has a medieval street known as The Shambles?
  17. In which fictional town are the following TV shows set, [a] "Murder She Wrote", [b] "Neighbours", [c] Buffy, the Vampire Slayer", [d] "The League of Gentlemen" and [e] "Noel's House Party"?
  18. Where in the human body is the Fovea Centralis?
  19. Which Seventies band featured brothers Ron and Russel Mael?
  20. What was the title of the first children's novel published by David Walliams in 2008?
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