Quiz Number 115

Published: Sunday 5th February 2017
  1. Who in 1963 became the first person to be granted honorary citizenship of the USA?
  2. The song "Hernando's Hideaway", a UK number 1 for the Johnson Brothers in 1955, comes from which musical?
  3. As at January 2017 which city has been home to teams that have been English football league champions on the most occasions?
  4. What name is given to the act of a sow giving birth or a litter of pigs?
  5. What songs with "Face" in the title were UK top twenty hits for the following artists, [a] Paul McCartney (1989), [b] 2 Unlimited (1993), [c] Roberta Flack (1972), [d] 808 State (1991) and [e] Monks (1979)?
  6. In which area of South East London does the annual London Marathon commence from?
  7. What nationality was the exotic dancer and spy Mata Hari?
  8. Displayed in Tate Britain in London, which Pre-Raphaelite artist painted "Ophelia" in 1852?
  9. What are the five smallest US States by area?
  10. The head of the Manhattan project, who was known as "The Father of the Atomic Bomb"?
  11. Which actor played hippy Neil in TV's "The Young Ones"?
  12. Who was the President of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam from 1945 to 1969?
  13. What colour completes the name of the following pop acts, [a] .... Oyster Cult, [b].... Floyd, [c] .... Hot Chilli Peppers, [d] .... Eyed Peas and [e] King ....?
  14. What is the capital of the African state of Tanzania?
  15. Who is the only female jockey to have riden a top three finisher in the Grand National?
  16. Known as Jeera in Indian cuisine, by what name do we know this spice?
  17. In which Italian city was the 1969 movie "The Italian Job" principally set?
  18. In which country are the following airlines based, [a] Lufthansa, [b] Aer Lingus, [c] TAP, [d] Etihad and [e] Avianca?
  19. What is the chemical formula for Sulphuric Acid?
  20. The poppy is the symbol of Remembrance in the UK and Commonwealth, what flower is the equivalent in France and Belgium?
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