Quiz Number 116

Published: Saturday 25th February 2017
  1. Stornoway is the largest settlement in which island group?
  2. Which is the main artery in the human body, supplying oxygenated blood to the circulatory system?
  3. What was the only single by Jimi Hendrix to reach the US top twenty?
  4. Who in 1976 became the first British footballer to receive a red card?
  5. Which song with "Tears" in the title were UK top ten hits for the following artists, [a] Ken Dodd (1965), [b] V (2004), [c] Glitter Band (1975), [d] Eric Clapton (1992) and [e] Goombay Dance Band (1982)?
  6. With a production of 3.6 million metric tonnes in 2012, which European country is the World's largest producer of olives?
  7. In Disney's "Frozen", Elsa is a princess and later Queen of which fictional kingdom?
  8. Apart from being multiple Olympic medal winners what do Jason Kenny, Mo Farrah, Steve Redgrave and Chris Hoy have in common?
  9. Who in January 1969 became the first Scottish band to top the UK single charts?
  10. What were the surnames of Welsh artists Augustus and Gwen?
  11. At which cricket ground would you find a Brian Statham end?
  12. Charles Lynton were the middle names of which British Prime Minister?
  13. Which on-line music service was founded by Daniel Ek & Martin Lorentzon in 2006?
  14. Which fruit is a cross between a raspberry and a blackberry?
  15. In which Italian city would you find Harry's Bar famous for it's martinis?
  16. Which American football team based in Wisconsin won the first two Super-Bowls?
  17. What animals complete the names of these pop acts, [a] Adam and the .... ,[b] Iron .... , [c] Arctic .... ,[d] Hootie and the .... and [e] Soup ....?
  18. Which Australian State lies directly across the Bass Strait from Tasmania?
  19. Who starred as Rooster Cogburn in the 2010 re-make of "True Grit"?
  20. With over 99 million passengers in 2014/15, which is the busiest railway station in the UK?
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