Quiz Number 118

Published: Saturday 1st April 2017
  1. Which war was formally ended by the signing of the Treaty of Portsmouth in 1905?
  2. What is the State capital of the US state of South Dakota?
  3. By what name is Vitamin B3 known?
  4. How many officials are on the field in an NFL football game?
  5. Which song with "Father" in the title were UK top twenty hits for the following artists, [a] Chicory Tip (1972), [b] Conner Reeves (1997), [c] George Michael (1988), [d] Madonna (1996) and [e] Boyzone (1995)?
  6. Founded eight years prior to Oxford, which is the oldest university in Europe?
  7. Who played the title role in the 1970's BBC series of "I,Claudius"?
  8. In music, how many crotchets are there in a semi-breve?
  9. Protium and tritium are isotopes of which element?
  10. What towns or cities do the following UK motorways join, [a] M5, [b] M77, [c] M53, [d] M6 and [e] M50?
  11. In Norse mythology who was the wife of Odin?
  12. What was the name of the tiger in the Booker Prize winning novel "The Life of Pi"?
  13. Who is the mother of Oscar nominated actress Kate Hudson?
  14. What are are the five standard positions in basketball?
  15. Which river flows through the city of Norwich?
  16. In zoology, what specifically does a folivore eat?
  17. In the card game Bridge, how many tricks must be won to achieve a Grand Slam?
  18. In which country did the beer Stella Artois originate?
  19. What are the five largest islands in the Caribbean?
  20. The environmental organisation Greenpeace has its headquarters in Amsterdam but in which country was it founded in the early 1970s?
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