Quiz Number 120

Published: Friday 21st April 2017
  1. Which of the English Kings named Henry reigned for the longest period?
  2. Who in 1981, became the first Australian cricketer to take 300 test wickets?
  3. At which station in Paris does the Eurostar train terminate?
  4. In which month of the year is Beaujolais Nouveau launched?
  5. What songs with "Over" in the title were UK Top five hits for the following artists, [a] Johnny Kidd and the Pirates (1963), [b] The Saturdays (2009), [c] Lisa Maffia (2003), [d] John Lennon (1980) and [e] The New Seekers (1974)?
  6. What is the national bird of India?
  7. What is the minimum age at which someone can stand for US President?
  8. In the TV soap "Eastenders", what character is played by the actor Adam Woodyatt?
  9. Which THREE countries have an English name that begins with the letter "H"?
  10. What is the name of the largest moon of Neptune?
  11. Who wrote the "What Katy Did" series of children's books?
  12. What title was traditionally bestowed on the eldest sons of French Kings?
  13. Who played the title characters in the 2016 movie "Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice"?
  14. Who are the FIVE British Formula One World Champions whose surnames begin with the letter "H"?
  15. On which of The Beatles albums would you find the songs "Taxman", "Eleanor Rigby" and "Good Day Sunshine"?
  16. What is the State Capital of the US State of North Carolina?
  17. Which country won the first ever Eurovision Song Contest in 1956?
  18. Which English Kings were married to the following [a] Eleanor of Aquitaine, [b] Adelaide of Saxe-Coburg, [c] Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, [d] Catherine of Braganza and [e] Elizabeth Woodville?
  19. Which is the only country crossed by both the Equator and the Tropic of Capricorn?
  20. Of which see was Justin Welby Bishop immediately prior to becoming Archbishop of Canterbury?
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