Quiz Number 122

Published: Friday 2nd June 2017
  1. In which London hospital would you find the Florence Nightingale Museum?
  2. In the 1991 biopic "The Doors", who played the lead singer Jim Morrison?
  3. Although mostly situated in Wyoming, into which two other US States does Yellowstone National Park spread?
  4. Of which English league club was Sam Allardyce manager immediately prior to becoming England manager in 2016?
  5. Which songs with titles containing the word "Purple" were UK Top Twenty hits for the following artists,[a] Sheb Wooley (1958), [b] D12 (2001), [c] Nino Tempo & April Stevens (1963), [d] Prince & the Revolution (1984) and [e] The Jimi Hendrix Experience (1967)?
  6. What letter is represented by one dash in Morse Code?
  7. Of which country did Dr Hastings Banda become the first President in 1966?
  8. Which river flows through Cowes on the Isle of Wight?
  9. What is measured using the Gay-Lussac scale?
  10. Which of Shakespeare's plays had the following opening settings, [a] Elsinore, [b] Rousillon (The Duke's Place), [c] The King of Navarre's Park, [d] On a ship at sea and [e] Duke Orsino's Palace?
  11. Ergophobia is the fear of what?
  12. Which was the first British passenger plane to be powered by jet engines?
  13. The Bolivar Fuerte is the unit of currency in which South American country?
  14. In which countries would you find the following wine growing regions, [a] Stellenbosch, [b] Mendoza Province, [c] Fraser Valley, [d] Pomerol and [e] Hunter Valley?
  15. Who was disqualified from the Wimbledon tennis championship in 1995 for hitting a ball-girl with a ball?
  16. Who wrote the spy novel "Smiley's People"?
  17. What are the titles of the two Bond movies to star Timothy Dalton in the main role?
  18. In which English county would you find Lingfield Park race course?
  19. Where in the human body is the Occipital bone?
  20. Which is the second longest river in South America?
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