Quiz Number 124

Published: Saturday 8th July 2017
  1. Which painter, one of the founders of the surrealist movement, invented the technique of FROTTAGE?
  2. Formerly the New Hebrides, by what name is this Pacific state now known?
  3. What flavour is the jam traditionally used in a Manchester tart?
  4. In which sport is the Westchester Cup awarded?
  5. Which songs with "Boat" in the title were UK top five hits for the following artists,[a] Shirley Bassey (1957), [b] Roger Whittaker & Des O'Connor (1986), [c] Billy J Kramer (1965), [d] Forrest (1983) and [e] Lonnie Donnegan (1961)?
  6. What are the two families featured in Arthur Ransome's "Swallows and Amazons"?
  7. Which planet was discovered by Johann Galle & Urban Le Verrier in 1846?
  8. In which English city is the Whitworth art gallery?
  9. Who wrote autobiographies with the following titles, [a] "The Diary of a Young Girl", [b] "Long Walk to Freedom", [c] "The Audacity of Hope", [d] "Testament of Youth" and [e] "My Family and Other Animals"?
  10. After whom is the US State of Delaware named?
  11. In the Bible,what was the name of Abraham's wife?
  12. From what original TV programme were the following "spin-offs", [a] Grace and Favour, [b] Better call Saul, [c] Holby City, [d] Frasier and [e] Knots Landing?
  13. To which King of France was Mary Queen of Scots married?
  14. With which football club did John Barnes begin his professional career?
  15. In which month of the year are the following US National holidays celebrated, [a] Labor Day, [b] Veteran's Day, [c] Columbus Day, [d] Memorial Day and [e] Martin Luther King Jnr. Day?
  16. Which was the first James Bond theme to be nominated for an Oscar?
  17. What animal forms the principal diet of the secretary bird?
  18. Which artists were responsible for the following debut albums, [a] "The Fame" (2009), [b] "Music From the Big Pink" (1968), [c] "Lexicon of Love" (1982), [d] "The College Dropout" (2004) and [e] "Horses" (1975)?
  19. In architecture to what does the term hypostyle refer?
  20. Which set of islands are separated from the Scottish mainland by Pentland Firth?
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