Quiz Number 126

Published: Sunday 27th August 2017
  1. Who wrote the books on which the TV series "Call the Midwife" is based?
  2. In which modern day Middle Eastern country would the ancient city of Petra have been located?
  3. Which musical featured the song "What Kind of Fool Am I?"?
  4. Which Italian pasta sauce's name translates to "angry" in English due to the inclusion of chilli peppers?
  5. Which songs with "Hand" in the title were UK number one hits for the following artists,[a] Don Cordell (1954), [b] Fedde Le Grand (2006), [c] Kylie Minogue (1989), [d] The Beatles (1963) and [e] T'Pau (1987)?
  6. The Welsh market town of Aberystwyth is located on which bay?
  7. What are Degrees Brix used to measure?
  8. Who wrote the classic novel "Lord of the Flies"?
  9. In Japan what would you do with a Koto?
  10. From what original TV programme were the following "spin-offs", [a] "The Royal", [b] "The Cleveland Show", [c] "Laverne and Shirley", [d] "Lewis" and [e] "Torchwood"?
  11. How did Lord Howard of Effingham achieve naval fame?
  12. Who had a UK top ten hit in 1975 with "Wide Eyed and Legless"?
  13. Which FOUR US States begin with the letter "I"?
  14. Of what is Potamology the scientific study?
  15. Who was the President when the US entered the First World War?
  16. For which 1953 movie did Frank Sinatra win a Best Supporting Actor Oscar?
  17. Which FOUR sports will make their Olympic debut at Tokyo 2020?
  18. Who, in a Shakespeare play, were Valentine and Proteus?
  19. Named after it's inventor Bela Schick, what medical condition is the Schick Test used to detect?
  20. In terms of area, what is the smallest county in the Republic of Ireland?
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