Quiz number 127

Published: Monday 18th September 2017
  1. In which English cathedral would you find the tomb of King John?
  2. What was the former name of the state of Bangladesh from 1947 to 1971?
  3. For how many years did prohibition last in the USA?
  4. Who created the character of Tarzan?
  5. What songs containing the word "Under" in the title were UK top 10 singles for the following artists, [a] Shakira (2002), [b] Freddie and the Dreamers (1964), [c] Jamiroquai (1998), [d] Godley & Creme (1981) and [e] Cher (1991)?
  6. Who played Sherlock Holmes' brother, Mycroft, in the BBC TV series "Sherlock"?
  7. In policing, what is the Henry Classification System used for?
  8. Which four US States begin with the letter "W"?
  9. What name is given to a musical note that is twice the length of a minim?
  10. Who was the creator of the schoolboy Jennings in a series of books?
  11. Known as The Desolation Islands due to their remote position in the Indian Ocean, which European country administers the Kerguelen Islands?
  12. Which three novels make up Mervyn Peake's Gormenghast trilogy?
  13. Which entrepreneur is said to have made his fortune "by what was left on the side of one's plate"?
  14. Which blood group is known as the Universal Donor?
  15. Who was the author of the 1989 Booker Prize winning novel "The Remains of the Day"?
  16. In which 1947 movie did Marilyn Monroe make her screen debut?
  17. Who in 1930 patented the first electric shaver?
  18. What do the following mean when found on a music score, [a] Allegro, [b] Glissando, [c] Largo, [d] Da Capo and [e] Forte?
  19. What does the abbreviation ISBN stand for?
  20. In which year did the USA enter the First World War?
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