Quiz Number 128

Published: Saturday 30th September 2017
  1. Which football team in 1889 became the first to win the FA Cup and League double?
  2. Which bird, a member of the Threskiornithidae family, shares its name with a chain of hotels?
  3. In which Northern city would you find the Royal Armouries Museum?
  4. Who in 1901 became the first physicist to win the Nobel prize for his work with X-Rays?
  5. What songs with "Hand" in the title were UK top ten hits for the following artists, [a] Reef (1996), [b] Breathe (1988), [c] Des O'Connor (1967), [d] Pink (2006) and [e] Dollar (1979)?
  6. Which actor presented the first Academy Awards in 1929?
  7. What was the blues singer Muddy Waters real name?
  8. What county is the setting for WH Hudson's book "A Shepherd's Life"?
  9. Which three US States have names beginning with the letter "C"?
  10. The Battle of Alma took place in which war?
  11. In which country did Limberger cheese originate?
  12. Which three countries in South America does the equator pass through?
  13. What colour signifys the Starboard side of a ship?
  14. What sport do you associate with the Leicester Riders?
  15. Who was the lead guitarist of Brit Pop band Blur?
  16. Which was the first British newspaper to publish a daily crossword in 1924?
  17. Which Canadian rock band provides the opening music for TV's "The Big Bang Theory"?
  18. Which government post did Winston Churchill hold at the beginning of World War I?
  19. Which two financial institutions were created by the Bretton Woods conference in 1944?
  20. Which is the only US State to share a border with Maine?
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