Quiz Number 129

Published: Thursday 19th October 2017
  1. Which part of the body does the Kendo armour known as "Kote" protect?
  2. What flower was referred to in Chaucer and Shakespeare as a Gillyflower?
  3. Nineveh was the capital of which ancient civilisation?
  4. Who played Strawberry Fields in the Bond movie "Quantum of Solace"?
  5. Which songs with "Finger" in the title were UK top ten hits for the following artists, [a] Dickie Valentine (1954), [b] Oxide & Neutrino (2001), [c] Wizzard (19730, [d] The Police (1983) and [e] Ash (1996)?
  6. The second highest waterfalls in the World are the Tugela Falls, in which country can they be found?
  7. In which country is the Bizet opera "The Pearl Fishers" set?
  8. Peer Gynt, Cambridge no.5 and Early Half Tall are all varieties of which vegetable?
  9. Which British rock band provided the theme music for TV's CSI franchise?
  10. Which two South American countries are land locked?
  11. Which social networking website was founded in 1999 by Steve and Julie Pankhurst?
  12. Which three US States were the first to be admitted to the Union in 1787?
  13. Which William Shakespeare play features the line, "The quality of mercy is not strained"?
  14. In March 2017 Ed Sheehan held the five top spots in the UK singles charts, on which album did they all appear?
  15. In which US State is the Yale University?
  16. Which English King was described as "The Wisest Fool in Christendom"?
  17. In Morse code what letter is represented by four dots?
  18. Who were the authors of these Booker prize winning novels, [a] "The Sea, The Sea" (1978), [b] "Moon Tiger", (1987), [c] "The Luminaires", (2013), [d] "The Ghost Road", (1995) and [e] "Rites of Passage", (1980)?
  19. In which 1948 movie starring Bob Hope and Jane Russell was the Oscar winning song "Buttons and Bows" featured?
  20. Of which Commonwealth country was Harry Atkinson prime minister on four occasions?
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