Quiz Number 131

Published: Saturday 6th January 2018
  1. The alcoholic drink Mirabelle is flavoured with which fruit?
  2. Which of Jane Austen's novels contain a character called Anne Elliot?
  3. The rock musician Marvin Lee Aday performs under what stage name?
  4. In which James Bond movie does the character Kissy Suzuki feature?
  5. Which songs with the word TOWN in the title were UK top ten hits for the following artists, [a] Del Shannon (1963), [b] U2 with BB King (1989), [c] Sparks (1974), [d] Jay-Z (2009) and [e] Billy Joel (1983)?
  6. In Shakespeare's "Hamlet", what is the name of Hamlet's mother?
  7. In which English county was the Battle of Flodden fought in 1513?
  8. Which convenience food was invented by Edward Asselberg in 1941?
  9. Which five states share a border with Nevada?
  10. In which town was the first British casino opened in 1962?
  11. What nationality was the surrealist painter Rene Magritte?
  12. Which sea is connected to the Sea of Azov by the Kerch Strait?
  13. Who was the first British actor to win an Oscar?
  14. How many pairs of chromosomes does the human body normally possess?
  15. Which city in 1990 became the first UK European Capital of Culture?
  16. What was the real first names of jazzman Duke Ellington?
  17. Which tea variety is often referred to as "The champagne of teas"?
  18. The life of which artist was featured in these movies, [a] "Lust for Life" (1956), [b] "Nightwatching" (2007), [c] "Girl with a Pearl Earring" (2003) and [d] "The Agony and the Ecstasy" (1965)?
  19. In literature, who were Masha, Irina and Olga?
  20. The song "I Whistle a Happy Tune" features in which musical?
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