Quiz Number 139

Published: Monday 28th May 2018A free general knowledge quiz for those who enjoy a more challenging quiz.
  1. In which novel by Charles Dickens do the characters Robin and Polly Toodle appear?
  2. In which Mississippi town was Elvis Presley born in 1935?
  3. Which organisation was founded in 1905 in order to prevent motorists getting caught in speed traps?
  4. Who created the TV sit-coms "The Liver Birds", "Bread" and "Butterflies"?
  5. Which songs with "New York" in the title were UK top twenty hits for the following artists, [a] The Bee Gees (1967), [b] Patsy Gallant (1977), [c] The Wombats (2008), [d] The Pogues and Kirsty MacColl (1987) and [e] Hello (1975)?
  6. What name is given to a second year student in US education?
  7. Native to Southern Africa, what type of creature is a Nyala?
  8. Who in 1986 became the oldest winner of golf's US Masters?
  9. Who was the original host in 1955 of TV's "Take Your Pick"?
  10. What name was given to the East German secret police?
  11. Which Parliamentary constancy was represented by Tony Blair from 1983 to 2007?
  12. What is the title of Bela Bartok's only opera?
  13. In computing what does the acronym DOS represent?
  14. With estimated sales of 26 million Worldwide since its release in 1992, which is the biggest selling live album?
  15. To which part of the human body does the term palpebral relate?
  16. In World War Two what did the initials ARP represent?
  17. With which four other US States does Texas share a border?
  18. In what year was TV's "Match of the Day" first broadcast?
  19. What is the French equivalent of Britain's SAS?
  20. In which West Country town did the Tate Gallery open in 1993?
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