Quiz Number 144

Published: Monday 17th September 2018A free general knowledge for those who enjoy a more challenging quiz.
  1. Which future US President appeared as a male model on the cover of Cosmopolitan magazine?
  2. In the Disney movie "Mulan", what is the name of Mulan's dragon?
  3. Of what animal is Cynophobia the fear?
  4. Which is the smallest of Canada's 13 provinces and territories?
  5. Which songs with "Paris" in the title were UK top ten hits for the following artists, [a] Dean Martin (1955), [b] Adam & the Ants (1980), [c] Dario G (1998), [d] Infernal (2006) and Winifred Atwell (1956)?
  6. Who was the first professional cricketer to captain an England side?
  7. In Japan, what is a netsuke?
  8. What was the real first name of fashion designer Coco Chanel?
  9. Which famous children's character was created by Carlo Collodi?
  10. By law the alcoholic beverage Bourbon must be made from at least 51% of which grain?
  11. Who was British Prime Minister when Queen Victoria came to the throne?
  12. Which two countries border Costa Rica?
  13. What is the title of the 2018 TV series that is a prequel to "The Big Bang Theory"?
  14. In the fable of "The Hare and the Tortoise" which animal judged the race?
  15. Which tree bird of Central America was sacred to the Aztec people?
  16. Which US President founded the CIA?
  17. Which musical trio were originally named The Rattlesnakes?
  18. What is the capital of the South Pacific country of Fiji?
  19. In 1994 which became the first GM food to be granted a licence in the US for human consumption?
  20. In the HG Wells story, who is "The Invisible Man"?
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