Quiz Number 148 - Answers

Published: Wednesday 9th January 2019A free general knowledge quiz for those who enjoy a more challenging quiz.
  1. In Greek mythology, who is the Goddess of Youth? Hebe.
  2. Who was the first female winner of BBC's Sports Personality of the Year in 1962? Anita Lonsbrough.
  3. What name is given to the small shallow dishes used in laboratories for growing cultures? Petri dishes.
  4. For which movie did Daniel Day-Lewis win his first Best Actor Oscar in 1990? My Left Foot.
  5. Which songs with "Dream" in the title were UK top five hits for the following artists, [a] The Everly Brothers (1958), [b] David Essex (1980), [c] O-Town (2001), [d] Gabrielle (1993) and [e] ABBA (1979)? [a] "All I Have to do is Dream", reached no.1, [b] "Silver Dream Machine", no.4, [c] "Liquid Dreams", no.3, [d] "Dreams", no.1 and [e] "I Have a Dream", no.2.
  6. According to the Bible, who was the youngest of Jesse's eight sons? David.
  7. Founded in 1871, what is the name of the American organisation that lobbies against gun control? National Rifle Association.
  8. In which US State would you find The Great Smoky Mountains National Park? Tennessee.
  9. Which religion was founded by Lao Tzu around 500BC in China? Taoism (Daoism).
  10. Which is the largest of the Inner Hebridian Islands? Skye.
  11. In mobile phones technology, what does the acronym SIM stand for? Subscriber Identity(or Identification) Module
  12. Which of Haydn's Symphonies is known as the Surprise? 94th.
  13. Who commanded the British fleet at the Battle of Jutland? Admiral John Jellicoe.
  14. Who replaced Paul Jones as lead singer of Manfred Mann in 1966? Mike D'abo.
  15. Of which South American nation are the following the capitals, [a] Bogota, [b] Georgetown, [c] Lima, [d] Montevideo and [e] Buenos Aires? [a] Colombia, [b] Guyana, [c] Peru, [d] Uruguay and [e] Argentina.
  16. The Daytona 500 motor race is held annually in which US State? Florida.
  17. Which illness is caused by the Epstein-Barr virus? Glandular Fever.
  18. Where was the main residence of the British Royal family from 1698 to 1837? St James's Palace.
  19. What are the four official languages of Switzerland? French, German, Italian and Romansch.
  20. Which author created the fictional detective Phillip Marlowe? Raymond Chandler.

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