Quiz Number 149

Published: Saturday 26th January 2019A free general knowledge for those who enjoy a more challenging quiz.
  1. Who in 1972 became the first non-Australian to win the Men's Singles at Wimbledon in the open era?
  2. Which acid is manufactured using the Ostwald process?
  3. In which US State would you find The Joshua Tree National Park?
  4. Which city was the birth place of anti-slave trade campaigner William Wilberforce?
  5. Which songs with "Train" in the title were UK top ten hits for the following artists,[a] Holly Johnson (1989), [b] The O-Jays (1973), [c] Burt Bacharach (1965), [d] Flash and the Pan (1983) and [e] KLF (1991)?
  6. Herpetology is the study of what?
  7. If a dish is served Florentine which vegetable will it contain?
  8. Which rock bands do TV characters Beavis and Butt-head have printed on their T shirts?
  9. Who was the victim in TS Eliot's play "Murder in the Cathedral"?
  10. Of which African nation are the following the capitals, [a] Luanda, [b] Maputo, [c] Windhoek, [d] Kigali and [e] Dakar?
  11. Which popular alcoholic drink is made in Lynchburg, Tennessee?
  12. What Government occupation was held by Scottish poet Robert Burns?
  13. Used as the theme song for TV's "Absolutely Fabulous", who wrote the song "This Wheel's On Fire"?
  14. Which is England's only county that has coasts with two different seas?
  15. What are the names of the three ballets for which Tchaikovsky composed the music?
  16. In the TV show "Mork and Mindy", who did Mork communicate with at the end of each episode?
  17. Who directed the movies "Bugsy Malone" and "Midnight Express"?
  18. What is measured using an Anemometer?
  19. Who in the Bible was the daughter of Amram & Jochebed and the sister of Moses & Aaron?
  20. Which building was designed by Joseph Paxton for the Great Exhibition of 1851?
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