Quiz Number 151

Published: Sunday 17th March 2019A free quiz for those who like something more challenging.
  1. With 18 wins to date, which sport has the most winners of the BBC Sports Personality of the Year?
  2. After which American university is element no.97 named?
  3. Travelling due south from London, which would be the first African country to be crossed?
  4. Who lead the Russian communist party from 1917 to 1922?
  5. Which songs with "Running" in the title were UK top twenty hits for the following artists,[a] Level 42 (1987), [b] Johnny Preston (1960), [c] Digital Orgasm (1991), [d] Lionel Ritchie (1983) and [e] Roy Orbison (1961)?
  6. In Greek mythology , what is the name of the river in Hades?
  7. In which Welsh county is Snowdonia located?
  8. In which section of an orchestra would you find the Harp?
  9. Rickets is caused by a deficiency of which vitamin?
  10. Who were the first father and son to both become Presidents of the USA?
  11. Who was the first Scottish footballer to be voted European Footballer of the Year?
  12. For which country is the international car registration EAU?
  13. What is Cliff Richard's real name?
  14. Which author created the fictional detective Mike Hammer?
  15. What name is given to the process that converts liquid oils into margarine?
  16. According to Arthurian legend who was the father of Sir Galahad?
  17. Who replaced Peter Gabriel as lead singer of Genesis in 1975?
  18. Of which European nation are the following the capitals, [a] Riga, [b] Podgorica, [c] Skopje,[d] Valetta and [e] Zagreb?
  19. The Mercalli scale is used for measuring what?
  20. The boxer who was born Arnold Raymond Cream became in 1951 the oldest to become World Heavyweight champion, under what name did he box?
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