Quiz Number 154 - Answers

Published: Thursday 23rd May 2019A free quiz for those who like something more challenging.
  1. Which river flows through the capital city of Canada? Ottawa River.
  2. Who, in 1972, was the first Scotsman to become British Racing Champion Jockey? Willie Carson.
  3. In the Mozart opera "The Marriage of Figaro", what was the first name of Figaro's bride? Susanna.
  4. What code name was given to the 1942 Allied invasion of North Africa? Operation Torch.
  5. Which song with "Dream' in the title was a UK top five hit for the following, [a] Rachel Stevens (2013), [b] Bobby Darin (1959), [c] Python Lee Jackson (1972), [d] Scotland World Cup Squad (1982) and [e] Jakatta (2001)? [a] "Sweet Dreams to my LA Ex", reached no 2, [b] "Dream Lover", no 1, [c] "In a Broken Dream", no 3, [d] "We Have a Dream", no 5 and [e] "American Dream, no 3.
  6. What type of fruit is a Jargonelle? Pear.
  7. Who starred as James Bond in the movie "Licence to Kill"? Timothy Dalton.
  8. Which element takes its name from the Greek word meaning "Stranger"? Xenon.
  9. Which of Beethoven's Symphonies is known as the Eroica? Third.
  10. In which country did revolutionary Che Guevara die? Bolivia.
  11. Who wrote the song "Where Have All the Flowers Gone"? Pete Seeger.
  12. What nationality was the wartime traitor Vidkun Quisling? Norwegian.
  13. Of what is Gynophobia the fear? Women.
  14. According to the 2010 US Census, which four US States have a population of less than 750,000? Alaska, North Dakota, Vermont and Wyoming.
  15. How many sharps feature in the key signature of A Major? Three (F,C & G).
  16. "The Magnificent Seven" was a remake of which 1954 Japanese film? The Seven Samurai.
  17. Of which Asian nation are the following the capitals, [a] Muscat, [b] Vientiane, [c] Bishkek, [d] Kathmandu and [e] Dili? [a] Oman, [b] Laos, [c] Kyrgyzstan, [d] Nepal and [e] East Timor.
  18. In what year was VAT introduced in the UK? 1973
  19. Which day of the week translates as Mittwoch in German? Wednesday.
  20. Located in the Pacific Ocean some 1600km away from any land mass, what name is given to the remotest place on Earth? Point Nemo.

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