Quiz Number 156

Published: Saturday 29th June 2019A free quiz for those who like something more challenging.
  1. In Greek mythology, which river forms the boundary between Earth and the Underworld?
  2. Which actress was married to Orson Welles between 1943 to 1948?
  3. What was the name of pirate Blackbeard's ship?
  4. Opened in September 2018, in which Scottish city is the only V&A Museum outside London located?
  5. Which songs with "Running" in the title were UK top twenty hits for the following artists,[a] Kate Bush (1985), [b] Spencer Davis Group (1965), [c] Muse (2003), [d] Status Quo (1988) and [e] Iron Maiden (1985)?
  6. In the TV series "The Simpsons", what musical instrument does Lisa play?
  7. Where in the human body can you find the smallest muscle?
  8. Who was England's manager at the 1998 FIFA World Cup finals?
  9. Who had a UK no1 hit with their cover of The Beatles song "Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da"?
  10. Which is the most northern of New Yorks boroughs?
  11. Which of Beethoven's Symphonies is known as the Pastoral?
  12. In which year was the Grand National declared void after two false starts?
  13. The element Selenium derives it's name from what heavenly body?
  14. In food technology, what does the acronym UHT stand for?
  15. Who was President of the USA when prohibition was introduced?
  16. Of which African nation are the following the capitals, [a] Lome, [b] Lusaka, [c] Niamey, [d] Dodoma and [e] Bujumbura?
  17. Who rules in a plutocracy?
  18. In which TV western did actor Burt Reynolds first gain prominence?
  19. Craig and Charlie Reid make up which musical group?
  20. In the novel Robinson Crusoe, from which British port did he sail from prior to getting ship-wrecked?
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