Quiz Number 157

Published: Monday 22nd July 2019A free general knowledge for those who enjoy a more challenging quiz.
  1. Which is the largest country (by population) that has never won an Olympic medal?
  2. What was Belize called prior to 1973?
  3. The crystallisation of Uric acid in human joints leads to which medical condition?
  4. Which Labour politician, first elected to Westminster in 1970, is nicknamed "The Beast of Bolsover"?
  5. Which songs with "Home" in the title were UK top ten hits for the following artists,[a] England World Cup Squad (1970), [b] Bon Jovi (1994), [c] Jon & Vangelis (1981), [d] The Animals (1965) and [e] The Tourists (1980)?
  6. On which river does the US city of Philadelphia stand?
  7. Which movie of 1969 gave Elvis Presley his final acting role?
  8. How many white keys are there on a standard piano?
  9. What was the name of the designer of the London underground map?
  10. Which four US States share a land border with Mexico?
  11. What part of the human body has the medical name of Lingua?
  12. In which month does the Beaujolais Nouveau first arrive?
  13. Of what is chionophobia, the irrational fear?
  14. Who was German Chancellor in 1990 when East and West Germany were reunified?
  15. What was the title of the seventh and last book of C S Lewis' "The Chronicles of Narnia"?
  16. On which test cricket ground would you find the Radcliffe Road End?
  17. What building now stands on the site of the old New York Waldorf Astoria Hotel?
  18. What type of creature is a chuckwalla?
  19. Who won the Best Actor Oscar in 2004 for his portrayal of Ray Charles in the movie "Ray"?
  20. In which cathedral was Mary Queen of Scots buried?
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