Quiz Number 161

Published: Monday 30th September 2019A free quiz for those who like something more challenging
  1. Who wrote the novel "Three Men in a Boat"?
  2. Of which metal is the Statue of Liberty made?
  3. What is Pinochle?
  4. Which UK airport was previously known as Elmdon?
  5. Which songs with "Home" in the title were UK top ten hits for the following artists,[a] Slim Whitman (1957), [b] The Osmonds (1973), [c] Westlife (2007), [d] Andy Williams (1970) and Tom Jones (1966)?
  6. From which plant is Linseed Oil obtained?
  7. What nationality was Edvard Munch the artist who painted "The Scream"?
  8. Who followed Graham Taylor as the England football team manager?
  9. What name is given to the front of a saddle?
  10. In which modern day country did the Battle of Tobruk take place in 1941?
  11. Who was the Norse God of the Sea?
  12. What name is given to the surface winds found in the Tropics?
  13. What is the highest military honour that can be awarded in the USA?
  14. Which four areas of the UK were designated as National Parks in 1951?
  15. Which is the only country to share a land border with The Gambia?
  16. First published in 1737, which is the UK's oldest daily newspaper that is still published today?
  17. How old must horses be to compete in the English classic races?
  18. Which is the deepest of the Great Lakes?
  19. Which is the largest of the moons of Saturn?
  20. In which country was author George Orwell born?
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