Quiz Number 163

Published: Sunday 12th January 2020A free general knowledge for those who enjoy a more challenging quiz.
  1. Who is a patron Saint of both France and Paris?
  2. On which food label would you see the Biblical quote "Out of the strong came forth sweetness"?
  3. Which song featured on The Beatles double a-side single "Eleanor Rigby"?
  4. In which long running soap opera may you pop into The Bull for a drink?
  5. Which songs with "Run" in the title were UK top ten hits for the following artists,[a] The Newbeats (1971), [b] Snow Patrol (2004), [c] Manfred Mann (1968), [d] Iron Maiden (1982) and [e] Tami Lynn (1971)?
  6. What is the best selling daily newspaper in Germany?
  7. What is the only south American country that lies completely south of the Tropic of Capricorn?
  8. On which work by H G Wells is the musical "Half a Sixpence" based?
  9. Dubbed the "Gang of Four" which politicians founded the Social Democratic Party in the UK in 1981?
  10. What is the colour of the cross on the Swedish flag?
  11. The Seventh Lord Greystoke is better known as which fictional character?
  12. First coined in 1964, which weather phenomena is described by the word petrichor?
  13. What objects do the following collect, [a] Arctophiles, [b] Cinephiles, [c] Copoclephilists [d] Rabdophilists and [e] Labeorphilists?
  14. The song "I Could Have Danced All Night" originates from which musical?
  15. Which English King had the nickname "Lackland"?
  16. Which mythological hero was said to have killed the Nemean Lion?
  17. In which country would you find the wine growing regions of Bot River, Cape Agulhas and Cederberg?
  18. The Dutch football team FC Twente is based in which city?
  19. If you were born on St Swithin's Day under which star-sign would you be?
  20. Built in 1813, in which seaside resort would you find the World's oldest pier?
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