Quiz Number 165

Published: Friday 7th February 2020A free general knowledge for those who enjoy a more challenging quiz.
  1. The song "Getting to Know You" originates from which musical?
  2. Who wrote the novel "The Valley of the Dolls"?
  3. How many tunnels under the River Mersey connect Liverpool with The Wirral?
  4. Who did Margaret Thatcher replace as leader of the UK Conservative party?
  5. Which songs with "Bridge" in the title were UK top ten hits for the following artists,[a] David Whitfield (1953), [b] All Saints (1998), [c] Kim Wilde (1982), [d] Lewisham & Greenwich NHS Choir (2013) and [e] Status Quo (1988)?
  6. In the TV series "Only Fools and Horses", what is the name of Del Boy's local pub?
  7. What is the largest land locked US State by area?
  8. In Greek legend, who solved the Riddle of the Sphinx?
  9. In the human body what connects the bladder to the kidneys?
  10. What objects do the following collect, [a] Plangonologists, [b] Notaphilists, [c] Conchologists, [d] Phillumenists and [e] Philatelists?
  11. What does an ichthyologist study?
  12. In which country would you find the wine growing regions of Colchagua valley, Maipo Valley and Aconcagua Valley?
  13. Which 1993 horror film gave Jennifer Anniston her movie debut?
  14. The PEGI rating system confirms which age group a video game is suitable for, what does PEGI stand for?
  15. What were the names of the 19th century Russian composers known as "The Five" or "The Mighty Handful"?
  16. Which is the only country to have been named after a real woman?
  17. Which pop singer's real name is Eileen Regina Edwards?
  18. Who in 1999 became the first First Minister of Scotland?
  19. What was the title of Elvis Presley's first movie?
  20. In which children's comic would you have read of the adventures of Dan Dare?
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