Quiz Number 166

Published: Wednesday 4th March 2020A free general knowledge quiz for those who enjoy a more challenging quiz.
  1. Which artist painted "The Persistence of Memory"?
  2. Which superhero lived in Castle Greyskull?
  3. The song "Oh, What a Beautiful Morning" originates from which musical?
  4. According to the Book of Genesis where did Noah's ark come to rest?
  5. Which songs with "Year" in the title were UK top twenty hits for the following artists,[a] Busted (2003), [b] Three Degrees (1974), [c] Zager & Evans (1969), [d] Mike & the Mechanics (1989) and [e] Noah and the Whale (2008)?
  6. Who in 2000 became the first First Minister of Wales?
  7. The scene of a big nuclear disaster, in which former Soviet republic is Chernobyl?
  8. Where in the human body would you find the Zygomatic bones?
  9. In the novel Gulliver's Travels, what is Gulliver's first name?
  10. Who played Winston Churchill in the following movies, [a] Young Winston (1972), [b] The King's Speech (2010), [c] Churchill:The Hollywood Years (2004), [d] Churchill (2017) and [e] Darkest Hour (2017)?
  11. The German football team Hertha BSC is based in which city?
  12. In which novels by Jane Austen do the following characters feature,[a] Anne Elliot, [b] Tom Bertram, [c] Elizabeth Bennet, [d] Harriet Smith and [e]Fanny Dashwood?
  13. In the TV sit-com "Cheers", what job does Cliff have?
  14. Which pre-decimal British coin was known as a "tanner"?
  15. Of what is Plutophobia the irrational fear of?
  16. Which two Asian countries are separated by the Palk Strait?
  17. Which three members made up the final and best known line-up of the girl band Destiny's Child?
  18. First published in 1920, what was the title of Agatha Christie's first novel?
  19. Who immediately preceded Queen Victoria on the British throne?
  20. In which country is the opera "Turandot" set?
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