Quiz Number 174

Published: Friday 15th May 2020A free general knowledge quiz for those who enjoy a more challenging quiz.
  1. In the Bible who was the wife of King Ahab?
  2. Which King was responsible for building Windsor Castle?
  3. What is the capital of Suriname?
  4. Which league club was managed by both Bobby Robson and Alf Ramsey?
  5. Which songs with "Moon" in the title were UK top ten hits for the following artists,[a] Credence Clearwater Revival (1969), [b] Duran Duran (1984), [c] Elvis Presley (1956), [d] Al Jarreau (1987) and [e] Mud (1975)?
  6. Richard Bachman is the pseudonym of which famous author?
  7. Where in the human body is the Philtrum?
  8. What nation was lead to independence by Jomo Kenyatta in 1963?
  9. Ailurophobia is the irrational fear of what animals?
  10. Which of the Ivy League Universities is located in Connecticut?
  11. What was the first name of the Russian composer Mussorgsky?
  12. Which river flows through the capital city of Argentina?
  13. In which city did the Peterloo massacre take place in 1819?
  14. For which team did Alan Shearer make his professional football debut in 1988?
  15. In which plays by William Shakespeare do the following characters appear, [a] Banquo, [b] Caliban, [c] Claudius, [d] Desdemona and [e] Antonio?
  16. Which country has the most active volcanos?
  17. Who wrote the children's novel, The Borrowers?
  18. What is the last name of singer and actress Cher?
  19. Which constellation is named after the mother of Andromeda?
  20. How many books make up the New Testament?
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