Quiz Number 182

Published: Monday 3rd August 2020A free general knowledge for those who enjoy a more challenging quiz.
  1. In TV's "Friends", what was Chandler Bing's middle name?
  2. Which British playwright won the Nobel Prize in Literature in 2005?
  3. What gives the cheese Windsor Red, its red colour?
  4. Canaan Banana was the first President of which country?
  5. Which songs with "Green" in the title were UK top twenty hits for the following artists,[a] Roll Deep (2010), [b] Creedence Clearwater Revival (1969), [c] The Lemon Pipers (1968), [d] Frankie Vaughan (1956) and [e] Ultrabeat (2003)?
  6. Which of the notorious Kray twins lived the longest?
  7. In the Jerome K Jerome novel "Three Men in a Boat", what was the name of the dog?
  8. Which is the largest land-locked county in England?
  9. How many British monarchs were there in the 20th Century?
  10. Which single gave the Four Tops their only UK number one?
  11. How many people make up a criminal jury in Scotland?
  12. Who was the first American to win the Formula One World Championship?
  13. Which three musicians made up rock supergroup Cream?
  14. Which TV sit-com opens with the music "Alice, Where Art Thou?"?
  15. In the United Kingdom, when do the four quarter days fall?
  16. What spirit is used to make the "Between the Sheets" cocktail?
  17. Which six nations automatically qualify for the final of the Eurovision Song Contest?
  18. What is the last book of the Old Testament?
  19. Which three US States have only four letters?
  20. With a daily circulation of over 2million (2016), which is Europe's best selling newspaper?
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