Quiz Number 187

Published: Monday 2nd November 2020A free general knowledge for those who enjoy a more challenging quiz.
  1. Which 19th century American novelist wrote both "The American" and "The Europeans"?
  2. Who in 1983 became the first African-American man in space?
  3. On which John Wyndham novel is the 1960 movie "Village of the Damned" based?
  4. What is the longest river in Scotland?
  5. Which songs with "Brother" in the title were UK top twenty hits for the following artists,[a] Hot Chocolate (1973), [b] Dire Straits (1985), [c] Avicii (2013), [d] Jungle Brothers (1997) and Derek B (1988)?
  6. In which month of the year is Canada Day celebrated?
  7. Released in 2002, what was the title of the first movie in the "Bourne" series?
  8. Which sporting Hall of Fame is located in Springfield,MA?
  9. Which Beyonce single from the 2000's shares its title with an album from Crosby,Stills and Nash?
  10. An equestrian statue of which king stands in London's Trafalgar Square?
  11. The Netflix series "Stranger Things" is set in which fictional Indiana town?
  12. Which breed of chicken shares its name with the landing point of the Mayflower in America?
  13. Which monarch directly followed George IV to the British throne?
  14. In which year did the soap opera "Coronation Street" make its TV debut?
  15. The middle name of US President Richard Nixon sounds like which character from The Simpsons?
  16. What is the singer Jessie J's real name?
  17. In sporting terms what does the acronym NASCAR mean?
  18. In "Game of Thrones" what was the capital of Westeros?
  19. On which river does the Italian city of Turin stand?
  20. Which rulers originally sat on the Peacock Throne?
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