Quiz Number 188

Published: Saturday 9th January 2021A free general knowledge for those who enjoy a more challenging quiz.
  1. The second highest waterfalls in the World are the Tugela Falls, in which country can they be found?
  2. Which is the last of the four operas that make up Wagner's "Ring Cycle"?
  3. Where in the human body is the Fovea Centralis?
  4. What flavour is the jam traditionally used in a Manchester tart?
  5. Which songs with "Dog" in the title were UK top twenty hits for the following artists,[a] Everly Brothers (1958), [b] Elvis Presley (2007), [c] George Michael (2002), [d] Peter Shelley (1975) and [e] Brian and Michael (1978)?
  6. Who was the first player to have been sent off in a European Champions League Final?
  7. What was actor Rex Harrison's birth name?
  8. Up to and including Boris Johnson, how many British Prime Ministers have attended Eton school?
  9. What is the traditional name for someone who makes stringed instruments?
  10. The song "I Whistle a Happy Tune" features in which musical?
  11. What type of creature is a Water Moccasin?
  12. In which of Sheridan's plays does the character Mrs Malaprop appear?
  13. What is the stage name of singer Alecia Beth Moore?
  14. What is the principal town on the Island of Bute?
  15. What is the minimum ageing period for a champagne to be called vintage?
  16. For which movie did Peter Finch receive a posthumous Oscar in 1976?
  17. At which cricket ground would you find a Brian Statham end?
  18. In the Bible,what was the name of Abraham's wife?
  19. Which English King had five children by Eleanor of Provence?
  20. Who had a UK top ten hit in 1975 with "Wide Eyed and Legless"?
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