Quiz Number 189

Published: Wednesday 27th January 2021A free general knowledge for those who enjoy a more challenging quiz.
  1. By what name was the Triple Jump in athletics previously known?
  2. What gas was named by Davy after the Greek for "Pale Green"?
  3. In which country would you find Kakadu National Park, a World Heritage Site?
  4. Who was the King of England at the time of the Great Fire of London?
  5. Which songs with "Crazy" in the title were UK top twenty hits for the following artists,[a] Gnarls Barkley (2006), [b] M J Cole (2000), [c] Cheryl Cole (2014), [d] Hot Chocolate (1982) and [e] Prince and the Revolution (1985)?
  6. By what term is Double Cream known by in the USA?
  7. For which 1953 movie did Frank Sinatra win a Best Supporting Actor Oscar?
  8. What shape is an aliform?
  9. In literature, who were Masha, Irina and Olga?
  10. Which is the largest of the Greater Antilles islands?
  11. Which country won the 2003 cricket world cup in South Africa?
  12. Nineveh was the capital of which ancient civilisation?
  13. What were the surnames of Welsh artists Augustus and Gwen?
  14. Where in the human body are the Lachrymal Glands?
  15. The TV sitcom "Rock and Chips" was a prequel to which other successful sitcom?
  16. What is the capital of the German State of Lower Saxony?
  17. In which sport is the Westchester Cup awarded?
  18. On what day of the week did the Battle of Waterloo take place?
  19. Which girl band had top ten hits in 1994 with "Save Our Love" and "Just a Step From Heaven"?
  20. Between which two planets would you find the Asteroid Belt?
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