Quiz Number 190

Published: Saturday 13th February 2021A free general knowledge for those who enjoy a more challenging quiz.
  1. Who in 1979 scored a US number one with a cover of Eddie Floyd's "Knock on Wood"?
  2. What nationality was explorer Henry the Navigator?
  3. In Shakespeare's "A Midsummer's Nights Dream", Tom Snout had what profession?
  4. What is the capital of the German State of Baden-Wurttemberg?
  5. Which songs with "Glass" in the title were UK top twenty hits for the following artists,[a] Nick Lowe (1978), [b] Thirteen Senses (2005), [c] Kim Wilde (1981), [d] Leo Sayer (1974) and [e] Pink (2010)?
  6. In which 2008 movie does Will Smith play an alcoholic super hero?
  7. With which vegetable is Bruxelloise sauce traditionally served with?
  8. Which planet was discovered by Johann Galle & Urban Le Verrier in 1846?
  9. What term is used by MPs for the House of Lords?
  10. Which English King removed the Stone of Scone from Scotland?
  11. Which book of the Old Testament tells the story of David and Goliath?
  12. Between which two nations are the Diomede Islands located?
  13. What instrument was played by band leader Count Basie?
  14. Which island's inhabitants are largely descendants of the mutineers from HMS Bounty?
  15. In which opera does the song "Summertime" appear?
  16. What is the name of the spaceship in the movie "Alien"?
  17. The mazurka is dance that originated in which country?
  18. Who first achieved the female tennis Grand Slam by winning all four majors in one year?
  19. Which fruit is a cross between a raspberry and a blackberry?
  20. Prior to the Euro, Germany's currency the Mark was made up of one hundred what?
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