Quiz Number 198

Published: Sunday 29th August 2021A free general knowledge quiz for those who enjoy a more challenging quiz.
  1. In which city was President Lincoln assassinated?
  2. What comes between an Earl and a Duke in the British peerage system?
  3. In the children's TV series who captained Stingray?
  4. Which city is the capital of the Canadian province of British Columbia?
  5. Which songs with "Morning" in the title were UK top twenty hits for the following artists [a] Cat Stevens (1971), [b] Timbaland ft Nelly Furtado (2009), [c] Aztec Camera (1990), [d] Basshunter (2009) and [e] The Coral (2005)?
  6. What the first name of the eldest Von Trapp child in "The Sound of Music"?
  7. In the TV show "Cheers", what occupation did bar regular Cliff have?
  8. What is the holy book of Sikhism called?
  9. Who in 1963 became the first honorary citizen of the USA?
  10. Which actor and comedian had the birth name of Leslie Townes?
  11. In mythology, which island was the birthplace of Aphrodite?
  12. If you suffered from Leukophobia, which colour would have a pathological fear of?
  13. Which ingredient in a Soubise Sauce gives it the distinctive flavour?
  14. The 1982 FIFA World Cup finals were held in which country?
  15. What links the books, "The Pilgrim's Progress", "Fanny Hill" and "One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich"?
  16. The United Arab Emirates is made up of how many individual emirates?
  17. On the cover of The Beatles "Sgt. Peppers" album, which instrument is held by Ringo Starr?
  18. Which author created the character Billy Bunter?
  19. What title did British Prime Minister Harold Wilson take when he was elevated to the peerage?
  20. Who was the first winner of TV's "American Idol" in 2002?
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