Quiz Number 231

Published: Monday 6th May 2024A free general knowledge quiz for those who enjoy a more challenging quiz.
  1. Who did Frank Thornton play in the BBC sit-com "Are You Being Served"?
  2. Which English footballer was given the nickname, "Sicknote"?
  3. How many countries share a land border with Norway?
  4. Where would you see the Lutine Bell?
  5. Which songs with "Crazy" in the title were UK top twenty hits for the following artists,[a] Mark Morrison (1996), [b] The Osmonds (1972), [c] Kiss (1987), [d] Dizzee Rascal/Robbie Williams (2013) and [e] Britney Spears (1999)?
  6. In which year were Old Age Pensions first introduced in the UK?
  7. The Apollo 15 astronauts David Scott and James Irwin were the first to do what on the moon?
  8. In the name of the airline what do the letters QANTAS stand for?
  9. Which mathematician is credited with inventing Logarithms?
  10. What is the title of Shakespeare's shortest play?
  11. Which US President pardoned Richard Nixon?
  12. The snakes and ladders board game originated in which country?
  13. Finally closing in 2023 after 13,981 performances, which musical holds the record for the longest Broadway run?
  14. What are the FOUR US States that begin with the letter "A"?
  15. In literature, who was Sir Percy Blakeney?
  16. In Olympic fencing, how many hits must a male fencer score for a win?
  17. What is the county town of Wiltshire?
  18. What relation was Franklin D Roosevelt to Theodore Roosevelt?
  19. In which Scottish city did the cloning of Dolly the sheep take place?
  20. Which boxer was known as the Manassa Mauler?
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