Quiz Number 86

Published: Tuesday 31st March 2015
  1. In which year did Britain abandon the Gold Standard?
  2. Who alongside Picasso is credited with creating Cubism?
  3. Up to 2014,Tom Clancy's character Jack Ryan has been portrayed on film by which four actors?
  4. On which part of the human body would you find Hoops, Arches and Whorls?
  5. Which songs containing "Horse" in their title were UK top 20 hits for the following artists,[a] America (1972), [b] U2 (1992), [c] Dee Clark (1975), [d] Goldfrapp (2006) and [e] Cam'ron (1998)?
  6. In which town does cartoon character Desparate Dan live?
  7. What hat takes its name from the title of a George Du Maurier?
  8. Which is the largest National Park in the UK?
  9. Who replaced Brian Jones as guitarist with the Rolling Stones?
  10. Which nine countries share a land border with Germany?
  11. By what name are flowers of the Myosotis genus more commonly known?
  12. Who in 1965 performed the first space walk?
  13. Which three teams won the FA Cup when the final was held in Cardiff from 2001 to 2006?
  14. Which part of the UK was known as Cambria by the Romans?
  15. Prior to Ban Ki-Moon, who were the three previous UN General Secretarys?
  16. What type of material is Guipure?
  17. Which famous cartoon character was created by Elzie Segar?
  18. What is the SI Unit for pressure?
  19. What are the FIVE categories of threat level as recognised by the UK Home Office?
  20. Of what is Ergophobia the fear?
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