Quiz Number 88

Published: Friday 8th May 2015
  1. Which fashion designer of the 1950s created the A-line look?
  2. Who in the Bible was the first High Priest of the Israelites and Moses' brother?
  3. At what temperature on the Fahrenheit scale is Absolute Zero?
  4. In Greek mythology who was the father of Achilles?
  5. Which songs containing "Star" in their title were UK top 10 hits for the following artists, [a] Ian Brown (1998), [b] Shirley Bassey (1961), [c] Rose Royce (1978), [d] George Michael (1997) and [e] The Four Seasons (1976)?
  6. In which magazine did the Addams Family first appear in cartoon version in 1935?
  7. Who according to Norse mythology is the God of the seas?
  8. Who wrote the words to the hymn "Abide with Me"?
  9. Which US State is known as "The Apache State"?
  10. Who were the FOUR original members of the Brit-Pop band Blur?
  11. Who wrote the novel "Anne of Green Gables"?
  12. In which city was the Arab League founded in 1945?
  13. What were the names of the four US Presidents who have been assassinated while in office?
  14. In the Marvel comic books who was the alter-ego of superhero Captain America?
  15. What was the real name of The Artful Dodger in the Dickens' novel "Oliver Twist?
  16. By what name is Sixth Avenue in New York officially known?
  17. What is the heraldic term for the colour blue?
  18. Who wrote the original play on which the 1966 movie "Alfie" was based?
  19. Which FIVE English cities begin with the letter "B"?
  20. Who in 1735 composed the opera Alcina?
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