Quiz Number 94 - Answers

Published: Wednesday 23rd September 2015
  1. Which palace was the birthplace of Henry VIII, Elizabeth I and Mary I? Greenwich.
  2. Which team was the first to win the FA cup when the final was held outside England? Liverpool in 2001, Cardiff.
  3. Who was the author of the cult novel "Last Exit to Brooklyn"? Hubert Selby Jr.
  4. What class of foods are avoided by people on the Atkin's Diet? Carbohydrates.
  5. Which songs containing the word "Country" in their title were UK top ten hits for the following artists, [a] Blur (1995), [b] Primal Scream (2006), [c] Elvis Presley (1961), [d] The Charlatans (1997) and [e] Bow Wow Wow (1982)? [a] "Country House" reached no. 1, [b] "Country Girl", no. 5, [c] "Wild in the Country", no. 4, [d] "North Country Boy" no.4 and [e] "Go Wild in the Country" no. 7.
  6. On which river does the city of Lincoln stand? River Witham.
  7. Who captained the New Zealand rugby union team to their first Rugby World Cup triumph in 1987? David Kirk.
  8. Released in 1981, what was the title of Phil Collins' first solo album? "Face Value".
  9. Who voiced the role of the Genie in Disney's 1992 movie "Aladdin"? Robin Williams.
  10. Which is the largest island in the Outer Hebrides? Lewis.
  11. Who is the longest serving Prime Minister in British history? Sir Robert Walpole (20 years 314 days)
  12. The names of which three British cities start with the letter E? Edinburgh, Ely and Exeter.
  13. In the long running BBC Tv series, who was the first actor to play Dr Who in a colour broadcast? Jon Pertwee (Jan 3rd. 1970).
  14. Who to date (2015) is the only artist to win both the Turner Prize and an Oscar? Steve McQueen.
  15. In which country would you find the Nubian Desert? Sudan.
  16. In Greek mythology who was the father of Icarus? Daedalus.
  17. In which modern day English counties did these famous battles take place, [a] Sedgemoor (1685), [b] Flodden (1513), [c] Marston Moor (1644), [d] Stamford Bridge (1066) and [e] Blore Heath (1459)? [a] Somerset, [b] Northumberland, [c] Yorkshire, [d] Yorkshire and [e] Staffordshire.
  18. What was the title of The Monkees 1968 feature film in which Jack Nicholson had writing and producing credits? "Head".
  19. Which of the Great Lakes is entirely located within the USA? Lake Michigan.
  20. Who was the author of the Doctor Doolittle series of books? Hugh Lofting.


  1. Danis Ullah says:

    Excellent site, I use it for ideas and questions, well done.

    Re Q14, Steve McQueen never won an Oscar, only nominated.

  2. KensQuiz says:

    Sorry Danis , you are thinking about the wrong Steve McQueen. This one won Best Picture Oscar for 12 Years a Slave.

  3. George Hoobs says:

    Re question 17 (e) The Battle of Blore Heath is listed as in Staffordshire , two miles from Market Drayton in Shropshire.

  4. KensQuiz says:

    Thanks George,
    I’ll correct the answer, I thought that as it was that close to Market Drayton it would be in Shropshire!

  5. Alan Faulkner says:


    The first actor to play Dr Who in colour was Peter Cushing in the 1965 film Dr Who and the Daleks. Maybe the question should read “in the long running TV series?”
    I used the question in a quiz I run and somebody pulled me on it……..I said a film isn’t a broadcast but it is a bit confusing I suppose
    Love the site thanks its a big help!

  6. KensQuiz says:

    Thanks Alan question now amended.

  7. Laura says:

    Hi,my first time to use this site, great fun, thanks

  8. Dave Henderson says:

    You did say in Q13 that it was the Dr Who TV series therefore your original question is worded correctly. Love the site!

  9. David Lewis says:

    Q15: According to Wikipaedia, the Nubian desert extends into Northern Eritrea as well

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