Quiz Number 98

Published: Sunday 7th February 2016
  1. What was the best selling album in the UK in the 1970s?
  2. Who were the last British football club to win the Inter Cities Fairs Cup in 1971?
  3. Who is the only US President who is depicted on Mount Rushmore but does not feature on a banknote?
  4. What name is given to the sheets of black seaweed used to wrap Japanese Sushi?
  5. What records with the word "TWO" in the title were UK top ten hits for the following artists, [a] Louis Armstrong (1952), [b] Bobby Brown (1995), [c] Mary McGregor (1977), [d] Frankie Goes to Hollywood (1984) and [e] Splodgenessabounds (1980)?
  6. How many members are there on a Scottish jury?
  7. What is the capital of the Channel Island, Guernsey?
  8. How many bouts did boxer Mohammed Ali win in his professional career prior to his first defeat in 1971?
  9. In the Bible who was the sister of Lazarus and Mary?
  10. In which English counties were these famous battles fought, [a] Hastings (1066), [b] Naseby (16450, [c] Towton (1461), [d] Edgehill (1642) and [e] Bosworth Field (1485)?
  11. Under which star sign would someone born on St. George's Day fall?
  12. What are salmon called during the first two years of their life?
  13. With which club did England goalkeeper Gordon Banks begin his professional career?
  14. What are the names of the FOUR main islands of Japan?
  15. What illness is caused by the Epstein-Barr virus?
  16. Who was the Head Coach of the GB Men's Football team at the 2012 Olympic Games?
  17. What metal is obtained from the ore Bauxite?
  18. What does the acronym PDSA stand for?
  19. With which country did Britain fight "The War of Jenkins' Ear"?
  20. On which motorway might lorries be parked as part of Operation Stack?
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