Saint Valentine's Day Quiz - Answers

Published: Thursday 28th January 2010
  1. Saint Valentine is the patron saint of lovers, but what other group of people is he also patron saint? Bee keepers
  2. Traditionally lovers send cards on this day, who sent the first recorded Valentine's card? The first card was sent from Charles, Duke of Orleans to his wife in 1415.
  3. Which English author's poem "Parliament of Fowls", was said to first associate Saint Valentine with lovers? It was written by Geoffrey Chaucer
  4. Cupid is often associated with Valentine's Day but who was Cupid? He was the son of Venus, the Roman goddess of Love.
  5. If you were in Wales on St. Valentine's day you might give your lover some "SWSUS", what would that be in English? They are KISSES.
  6. Who wrote the poem that starts with the line, "My love is like a red,red rose"? It was written by Robert Burns.
  7. What fruit is known as "The Love Apple"? The tomato
  8. Who were Shakespeare's "Star-crossed lovers"? Romeo & Juliet.
  9. Originally entitled "Francesca da Rimini", by what name is the sculpture by Rodin better known? "The Kiss".
  10. Who played the title role in the film , "Shirley Valentine"? Pauline Collins.
  11. The singer Dickie Valentine had two UK number ones in the 1950s, can you name either of them? "Finger of Suspicion" (1954) or "Christmas Alphabet"(1955).
  12. Who had members of a rival gang killed on St. Valentine's Day in 1929? Al Capone.
  13. Which famous explorer was killed on St. Valentine's Day by natives in the Sandwich Islands? Captain Cook.
  14. Which actor from the 1920s was known as "The Latin Lover"? Rudolf Valentino.
  15. Which Valentine was the first woman in space? The Russian Valentine Tereshkova.
  16. Who had hits with the following songs,(i)Heart of Glass, (ii) Heart of Gold, (iii) Heart Full of Soul, (iv) Here in my Heart and (v) Total Eclipse of the Heart The artists were (i)Blondie, (ii) Neil Young, (iii)The Yardbirds, (iv) Al Martino and (v)Bonnie Tyler.
  17. What was the name of the round sweets which had short messages embossed on them? They were known as "Love Hearts".
  18. The author P G Wodehouse died on St. Valentine's Day in 1975, what did the initials PG stand for? Pelham Grenville
  19. The play "The Importance of Being Earnest" premiered on February 14th 1895 at the St. James Theatre in London. Who wrote it? Oscar Wilde.
  20. Kevin Keegan, the famous English football player and manager was born on St. Valentine's Day in 1951, for what club did he begin his professional playing career? He started at Scunthorpe United.

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  1. Chris Bailey says:

    Which is the only English league club to play on a Island. Answer Portsmouth.

    What name is given to the thinnest part of the Hour glass. Answer Waist.

    Your quizzes are great.

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