Saint David's Day

Published: Wednesday 3rd February 2010
  1. Which Welsh town is home to the second largest castle in Britain?
  2. How is the Welsh island of YNYS MONS better known?
  3. The Dylan Thomas play "Under Milk Wood" is set in which fictional seaside town?
  4. What is the name of the smallest city in Britain, located in the West of Wales?
  5. A statue of Lewis Carroll's White Rabbit stands on the front of which North Wales town?
  6. Which Newport based band had a UK number 3 with "Guns Don't Kill People,Rappers Do."?
  7. In Wales many place names begin with the prefix Llan,what does Llan mean?
  8. Who lived in the top left hand corner of Wales?
  9. Which Welshman is the only cannibal to win an Oscar?
  10. During the Second World War the slate quarry at Manoel, near Ffestiniog, was used to store what?
  11. Which Welsh "Crazy Chick" had a number 2 UK hit with a track of the same name?
  12. Which breed of dog has two varieties, Pembroke and Cardigan?
  13. In which town would you find The National Library of Wales?
  14. To which Welsh town did the Royal Mint transfer all its activities in 1980?
  15. Which is the only Welsh football club to win the FA cup?
  16. Which James Bond was born in Wales?
  17. Which county is further north, Clwyd or Gwent?
  18. Which British film starring Hayley Mills and her father John is named after a part of Cardiff docks?
  19. Which North Wales university town shares its name with a resort in Northern Ireland?
  20. Who played "The Outlaw Josey Wales" in the 1976 film of the same name?
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