Saint Patrick's Day Quiz

Published: Monday 15th February 2010A celebration of all things Irish
  1. St. Patrick was born in 347 AD in the Roman settlement of Banna Venta Berniae, but in what modern country is that thought to be in?
  2. According to the legend, how did St. Patrick drive the snakes from Ireland?
  3. What did St. Patrick use to teach the Irish about the Holy Trinity?
  4. In which cathedral is St. Patrick said to be buried?
  5. In addition to being Patron Saint of Ireland, Saint Patrick is also the Patron Saint of Engineers and which West African nation?
  6. St. Patrick's Day is an official holiday in both Northern Ireland and The Republic of Ireland, but on which Caribbean island is March 17th also celebrated as a holiday?
  7. The first celebration of St. Patrick's day in the USA took place in 1737, in which city?
  8. In which year did the first St. Patrick's Day parade take place in New York City?
  9. The river in which North American city is dyed green each March 17th?
  10. Saint Patrick's Day occurs on March 17th each year, but why was it moved to March 15th in 2008?
  11. What did the Toronto Saint Patricks become on February 14th 1927?
  12. The phrase "Eire go brach" is often heard on St. Patrick's day, what does it mean?
  13. What are the four provinces of Ireland?
  14. Name the four Irish counties that begin with the letter W.
  15. What is the longest river in Ireland?
  16. Where in Ireland would you find the "Book Of Kells"?
  17. Legend has it that if you kiss the blarney stone you will have the gift of the gab. In which Irish county would you find the Blarney stone?
  18. Born in Dublin in 1856 which Irish playwright has won both the Nobel Prize for literature and a Oscar?
  19. Jonathan Swift, the Dean of St. Patrick's in Dublin, wrote what famous Children's novel?
  20. In which county do "The mountains of Mourne sweep down to the sea"?
  21. At the annual Puck Fair in Killorglin, what animal is crowned King Puck?
  22. What is the name of Michael Flatley's celebration of Irish dance, originally staged as the interval entertainment at the 1994 Eurovision song contest?
  23. Which film starring John Wayne is set in the Irish town of Innisfree?
  24. Which former winner of the Eurovision song contest ran for Irish president in 1997?
  25. What spirit is used in Irish coffee?
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