Mothers Day Quiz 1 - Answers

Published: Tuesday 2nd March 2010
  1. When does "Mothering Sunday" take place in the UK? The fourth Sunday in Lent.
  2. Mother's Day is celebrated around the world at different times. When does it occur in the USA? Second Sunday in May.
  3. Who was the guitarist and leader of the 60's group "The Mothers of Invention"? Frank Zappa.
  4. According to the saying, what is the mother of invention? Necessity.
  5. In which Indian city did Mother Theresa found her missionary? Calcutta.
  6. Which 1930's radio star had the catchphrase "Can you hear me, mother"? Sandy Powell.
  7. What is the proper name for Mother of Pearl? Nacre.
  8. Which groups 4th studio album was entitled "Atom Heart Mother"? Pink Floyd.
  9. What name was shared by Spock's mother and an 80s' pop group? T'Pau.
  10. Who were the writers of the sit-com,"It Ain't Half Hot Mum"? Jimmy Perry & David Croft.
  11. What drink is known as Mothers Ruin? Gin.
  12. Who had a number 2 hit in June 1977 with "Ma Baker"? Boney M.
  13. Who was the famous mother of Liza Minelli? Judy Garland.
  14. In the bible who was the mother of John the Baptist? Elizabeth.
  15. What is meant by a Mother Lode? The principal vein of gold or silver ore.
  16. Who was the mother of Queen Elizabeth I? Anne Boleyn.
  17. What did Old Mother Hubbard find in her cupboard? Nothing, it was bare.
  18. What was the name of the Greek King of Thebes who fell in love with his mother? Oedipus.
  19. Who painted the picture entitled "Arrangement in Grey and Black: The Artist's Mother? Better known as "Whistler's Mother" it was painted by James McNeill Whistler.
  20. Who played the music hall character Old Mother Riley? Arthur Lucan.

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