St Andrews Day - Answers

Published: Monday 1st November 2010A celebration of Saint Andrew and all things Scottish.
  1. Why is November 30th celebrated as St. Andrews Day? He was martyred on this day in AD60.
  2. Saint Andrew was the brother of which other disciple? Saint Peter [Simon Peter].
  3. Saint Andrew is the patron saint of Scotland, but of which other European countries is he also patron? Greece, Romania and Russia.
  4. Of which trade is Saint Andrew patron? Fishmongers [He is also patron Saint of gout, singers, sore throats and old maids].
  5. Which heraldic term is the alternative name for St. Andrew's flag? The Saltire.
  6. By what name is the Order of Saint Andrew also known? The Order of the Thistle.
  7. In which Greek town would you find the Relics of St. Andrew? Patras.
  8. Which famous British politician was born on St. Andrew's Day in 1874? Winston Churchill.
  9. Which Scottish King signed "The Treaty of Arbroath" in 1320, one of the first times that Andrew was recognised as patron Saint? Robert the Bruce.
  10. Which date in the Christian calendar occurs on the nearest Sunday to St. Andrew's Day? Advent Sunday.
  11. In which Scottish county would you find the town of St. Andrews? Fife.
  12. St. Andrews is Scotland's oldest university, in which decade was it founded? 1410s [1413].
  13. Which American golfer won the Open championship twice at St. Andrews in the 1970s? Jack Nicklaus.
  14. Which Scottish town is known as "The Gateway to the Highlands"? Stirling.
  15. Which Scottish novelist wrote "Ivanhoe"? Sir Walter Scott.
  16. Where did Bonnie Prince Charlie raise his standard in 1745 to begin the Second Jacobite Uprising? Glenfinnan.
  17. In March 2007 who became the first Scotsman to feature on an ENGLISH banknote? The economist Adam Smith [on the £20 note].
  18. What is the name given to the extinct volcano that overlooks Edinburgh? Arthur's Seat.
  19. Which tree did superstitious Scots plant in their gardens to ward off witches? Rowan [Mountain Ash].
  20. In which Scottish city does the football team Saint Johnstone play its home matches? Perth.

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