Royal Weddings Through The Ages

Published: Thursday 21st April 2011
  1. How many times did the future King George VI propose to Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon before she finally accepted?
  2. How many people worldwide are said to have watched the marriage of Prince Charles to Diana?
  3. Which was the first televised British Royal wedding?
  4. Which British king banned his wife from his coronation as he disliked her so much?
  5. What mistake did Diana make during the ceremony of her marriage to Charles?
  6. Where did Queen Victoria marry Prince Albert in 1840?
  7. During a Royal wedding on what side of the church does the Royal Family traditionally sit?
  8. Who designed Princess Diana's wedding dress?
  9. How many guests attended the wedding of King George V to the future Queen Mary?
  10. How many Royal weddings have taken place in Westminster Abbey?
  11. Which of Henry VIII's six wifes became his widow?
  12. What was the appropriate title of Grace Kelly's final film before marrying Prince Rainier?
  13. Most modern Royal wedding rings are made from a nugget of gold given to the Queen Mother in 1923, in which country was it mined?
  14. Who in 1464 became the first commoner to marry an English King?
  15. Who designed the future Queen Elizabeth I I's wedding dress in 1947?
  16. Which Act of Parliament prescribes the conditions under which a Royal wedding can take place?
  17. Which British King married a bride that he had only met that day?
  18. Who were the male and female leads of the 1951 film, "Royal Wedding"?
  19. Which was the first British Royal wedding to be broadcast on TV in colour?
  20. From which country did Prince Charles and Diana's cake maker come?
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